Jamboree Jackrabbits

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Jackrabbit Jamboree Odessa TexasOne of the first public art projects to jump off in Odessa was the Jackrabbit Jamboree. In 2004, a large collaborative group of motivated civil servants set out to commission local artists to paint 37 beautiful and unique jackrabbits standing 6 feet tall that were then strategically placed around the city.  Twelve years later, the Jackrabbit Jamboree still offers a cultural immersion into the lives of Odessans at the time and offers a unique attraction for people who are visiting.

Odessa has long been known for jackrabbits. Historically, Odessa has always had a long and interesting relationship with tall tales about these furry creatures.  Rabbit’s quickness, agility, and the uncanny ability to adapt to harsh environments are true characteristics of West Texans and Odessans. This notion and association with jackrabbits began in 1932 at the very first Jackrabbit Roping Contest. The great Odessa Jackrabbit Roping Contest began as a “hair-brained” publicity stunt during the 1932 annual Odessa Rodeo.  The jackrabbit roping contest no longer takes place in Odessa today; however the somewhat controversial competition spurred the development of the close relationships with jackrabbits that is still evident throughout the city today.

The jackrabbit jamboree project was representative of a specific time in Odessa history, however to this day, folks who live in Odessa still identify with the characteristics of the jackrabbit. Each brightly decorated jackrabbit is unique to each location.  The artfully crafted designs reflect the location and are representative of the people who created them and what the artists believed of Odessa at the time.  The main goal of the project, which was made possible by collaborative effort of many organizations including the Odessa Council for the Arts &Humanities (OCA&H), and the Odessa Chamber of Commerce, was to increase cultural tourism, and to provide art to the public.

For many years to come, the jackrabbits of Odessa will serve as a reminder to West Texans and visitors to the region that West Texans have not forgotten our roots. 

Freedom Bunny Kristen Alvarado Freedom Pontiac 5251 E 42nd St
Big Sky Bunny Sireesha Amaram Medical Center Hospital Medical Center Hospital off 5th St in courtyard of new outpatient center
Jack Rod James Barrow Willis Permian Movers not on public view not on public view as of May 08
Uncle Sam Rabbit Evelyn Cunningham Bank of America Bank of America Bldg 700 N Grant Ave
Rodin Rabbit Evelyn Cunningham Music City Mall destroyed in automobile accident
Symphony de Bunny Wesley Haynie Janet Wood Odessa College Campus NW corner of 23rd St and Andrews Hwy
Li'L Lionesses & Friends Sonya Haynie Odessa Downtown Lioness Club Progressive Park Southeast corner of Tom Green & 7th St
Birdy Bunny Sonya Haynie Odessa Downtown Lioness Club Progressive Park Southeast corner of Tom Green & 7th St
Blooming Bunny Sonya Haynie Mark Knox Flowers Mark Knox Flowers 1209 E 8th St
What's Up Doc? Sonya Haynie Betsy & Buzz Hurt Texas Tech 800 W 4th St
J Ben, Jr. Sonya Haynie Ellen Noel left to UTPB UTPB - close to Mesa Bldg. 4909 E University Blvd.
Money Bunny Beckie Raney Chase Bank Chase Bank 3800 E 42nd St
Patchwork Rabbit Melissia Hoke Jonnie's & Sims & Guess Realtors Sims & Guess Realtors 4526 E University Blvd
Jack McRabbit Elizabeth Huelster CVA Advertising & Marketing, Inc Music City Mall Complex NW corner of JBS Parkway & 42nd ST
Hop to the Beat of the Basin Edna Krueger Hext Family Foundation Odessa City Hall 411 W 8th ST
Hare on a Hog Edna Krueger Bearing Supply Bearing Supply 3411 North West Co Rd
Power Jack Debbie Madden Saulsbury Industries Saulsbury Industries Andrews Hwy & 53rd St
Blue Denim Gal Debbie Madden Junior League of Odessa Junior League of Odessa 2707 Kermit Hwy
Multiplying Bunny Mario Maruez Jimmy Peacock Southwest Bank JBS Parkway & 52nd ST
Blues Bunny S J Navage The Sewell Family of Dealerships Sewell Ford 2543 E 8th St
Pump Jack Harvey S J Navage Betty Dale Basin or Industrial Communications 2535 N. Jackson
Quilter Bunny Paula Ontiveros The Odessa American The Odessa American 222 E 4th St
Texas Jack Pam Price Vista Residential Western National Bank Grandview & University
Fiesta Hare Christie Lee Ray Betty Dale donated to Burnet Elem School 3700 Permian Dr.
Sitting Hare Beckie Raney Texas Dept. of Transportation TX Dept. of Transportaton 3901 E Business 20
An American Tribute Annette Valenzuela American State Bank American State Bank 600 N Grant Ave
"Gusher" the Hare Susie Watkins Aghorn Energy Aghorn Energy 4840 E University Blvd
Texas "Hare"tage Susie Watkins H-E-B H-E-B 3801 E 42nd St
Cactus Jack Martha Rhea Webb 1st Bobby Cox Companies - Rosa's Music City Mall Complex NW corner of JBS Parkway & 42nd ST
Sonya Haynie 5/7
Jacks Are Wild Martha Rhea Webb 1st Charter Waste Management Charter Waste Management 12035 W Murphy
James Barrow 5/7
Peter O'Hare M. D. Christie Lee Ray Dr Elam and Associates # 1 Doctors Place 520 N. Washington
Gentle Jack Sonya Haynie 1st & 2nd Dr Robin Rutherford, D.D.S. Dr Rutherford's Office 4712 E University
Boat Bunny Debbie Madden Dean's Marine Dean's Marine 3633 Andrews Highway
Good Night Rabbit Elizabeth Huelster 1st Bill Stewart Between Fairfield and Hampton Inns 3923-3922 JBS Parkway
Wesley & Sonya Haynie 2nd
Panama Jack Debbie Madden MCM Elegante Hotel MCM Elegante Hotel 5200 E University
Raw"hare" Christie Ray MCM Grande Hotel MCM Grande Hotel 6201 E Business 20
Rugs Bunny Edna Krueger Advance Carpet Cleaning Advance Carpet Cleaning 6120 N Dixie Blvd