Map of Far West TexasTexas is one of the nation's leaders in nature tourism. In 2000, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department completed The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail which was a great success and continues to be popular with both visiting birders and local naturalists.

In 2010 through a partnership with the Texas Mountain Trail Region and Texas Pecos Trail Region, TPWD completed the state's Great Texas Wildlife Trails with the creation of the Far West Texas Wildlife Trail. From El Paso to Midland-Odessa and down to the Rio Grande, explore 57 wildlife viewing sites in the far-flung reaches of Far West Texas.

Far West Texas Wildlife Trail
Far West Texas Wildlife Trail Maps are available at the Odessa Convention and Visitors Bureau Offices. Contact us to request one today 432-333-7870.


Odessa is proud to recognize Comanche Trails Park-

Comanche Trails Park , Odessa, Texas is classified in the Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Urban Landscapes Master Plan as a special purpose park containing 100 acres in a linear formation along the natural Monahan’s Draw. Approximately half of this trail system is located in an undeveloped draw area of the park site that provides a natural habitat for birding.

Some species that can be found are:

Winter migration:Lesser Goldfinch

Multispecies flocks of birds from the Rocky Mountains... red-breasted nuthatch, brown creeper, golden crowned and ruby crowned kinglets, lesser and american goldfinches, pine siskins, yellow rumped and orange crowned warblers, white-crowned sparrows

Spring migration:

The forest is an excellent "migrant trap" for many species of warblers, grosbeaks, tanagers, buntings, sparrows

Colorful BirdSummer nesters and residents:

Yellow billed cuckoo, lesser goldfinch, curved billed thrasher, cactus wren, painted bunting, blue grosbeak, black chinned hummingbird, lark sparrows

Fall migration:


Also, the first week in October is when the monarch butterflies will sometimes gather in huge numbers (thousands) and spend the night in the trees in our area.